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Mindset Shifter

The objectives of Mindset Shift LLC are to assist people in shifting their perspectives and become more focused on their goals in order to be more successful and efficient and to accomplish more in a day. Procrastination, a lack of motivation, overwhelm, and other obstacles are addressed, and we give Clients useful tools to keep them motivated and on track.

Keyshawn Phelps


     As an aspiring career of over 7 years, he was working as an engineer. Keyshawn is Driven to Motivate and remove barriers; He graduated from Virginia State University earning a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s in systems engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Keyshawn has won many awards such as 2021 BEYA Modern Day Technology Leader, 2022 NSBE Rising Star ,2022 Katherine Johnson STEM Innovation of the year, 2022 VSU Trojan 10 under 10 and 2023 BEYA Science Spectrum Trailblazer just to name a few.


     He is the oldest of five (5) in a single-parent household, growing up In Newark, New Jersey, in a community that is one of the poorest in the United States. He watched his mom work multiple jobs to support their family and valued her advice to always focus on the bigger picture, meaning that although life might throw obstacles our way, be determined to pursue your goals no matter what. For Keyshawn, that advice has led to a successful and blessed journey. He is highly respected amongst his peers as a role model, motivator, and community leader in both his local and childhood communities. Keyshawn desired to achieve, and not let their economic circumstances dictate his future. 


     His self-determination and his passion to motivate others in his community led him to create The Mindset Shifter LLC. Keyshawn is also a co-founder of a 501c3 nonprofit organization called “Just Want to Inspire Inc.”. Through this non-profit, Keyshawn influences underprivileged and disadvantaged youth within his community to pursue higher learning, especially STEM. 

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